Is the UK prepared for the climate emergency?

An EV charging point

UK Water companies waste 3 billion litres of water every day

With heatwaves, droughts and hosepipe bans part of Yorkshire summers, how effective is our response?

Could this drought have been prevented?

‘It’s not just the summer – this is the 4th consecutive season of low or very low rainfall. And warmer temperatures cause more evaporation and soils to dry out faster, making the drought worse’

Rainfall over the last decade

What were the warnings?

Proactive planning needed to mitigate losses

Local strategies to reduce carbon emissions

Harrogate Borough Council are keen to promote their roll-out of electric vehicle charging points, with 34 spaces being created on council owned property across Harrogate, Ripon, Pateley Bridge, Masham and Knaresborough. A council spokesperson told me that they were waiting for a funding bid to be approved, but that this has been delayed from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles. ‘We always intended to get more than this through using the approved funding at match for central government funding. We have just had word that the NYCC bid we supported was meant to let us know ‘early August’.

Cllr Keane Duncan, executive member for highways and transport, also commented on the funding bid, saying: “We are currently developing plans to deliver charging points across the county so that more residents and visitors are able to choose electric vehicles and charge up conveniently. “In the meantime, we continue to pursue funding opportunities through central government. We have recently submitted a bid to the Government’s Local Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) Fund, which will enable us to deliver around 70 chargers in deeply rural areas that would otherwise be left behind due to a lack of private investment.”

With Harrogate Borough Council being abolished in 2023, it is hoped that NYCC’s Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle Strategy will continue to maintain the contract with Connected Kerb. The council will receive the money from residents charging cars, with any revenue raised being used to expand the network further, but this is all still uncertain at this point as the transition between councils takes place.

Environmental impact of electric vehicles?

As of July 2022, there were approximately 520,000 battery electric vehicles in the UK, out of a global total of 16 million electric vehicles and a UK total of 32.9 million cars. The rise of popularity of electric vehicles prompts those critical of EVs to complain about the environmental impact of lithium mining- lithium being one of the components in electric vehicles.

EVs on the rise

Lithium is also a component in the 6 billion smartphones in the world, the 16 million laptops and other household electronics. Yet there only appears to be criticism of the lithium needed for electric vehicle batteries, rather than for all goods.

We have opportunities at a local council level to reduce the impact of the climate emergency, if we choose to implement them.

We have opportunities at a national level to reduce the impact of the climate emergency, if we chose to implement them.


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